Always misunderstood.

Where do I even begin…

In my previous blog post, I explained what it’s like to be an introvert, I want to expand on what people think of introverts.

Part of being an introvert is being misunderstood, that is just to be expected, not everybody will understand why you like to spend so much time on your own, and unfortunately this world is very judgemental. We live in world where everybody likes to be in every-bodies business, and everybody loves to gossip, it is what it is.

Take Celebrity magazines and gossips columns for reference; I too am very guilty of reading the showbiz section on a particular site, that I cannot name everyday. Every. Single. Day ( an obsession, and a guilty habit). The Celebrity showbiz section is all about glossy images of celebrities, and the stories can be completely false, outsiders reading these stories often take these stories to be fact when in all reality it is fiction.

What I’m trying to say here is that people only read the front cover of a book or the synopsis, human beings are very guilty of not reading the book page for page, and in turn people judge the book by it’s cover, we are all guilty of this, even myself.

Often people look at the person from the outside, but they will not sit and get to know the person on the inside. In their minds they paint a false picture of the person, and they tend to come across as cold and heartless when they describe a person; also we think we may know a person, but do we know them really?

Words too are very powerful and have the ability to boost somebodies mood or to cause them to do something that is harmful.

Introverts are almost always thought of as rude, arrogant, anti social (which is partly true) and in my case unintelligent. The rude, arrogant parts are not true at all, we just enjoy the time to recharge.

I’m misunderstood by the colour of my skin as well, misunderstood by the fact that I’m also a woman.

The media is such a negative factor in this, that a black woman is always portrayed as loud, outgoing, a little bit rude, but she is rarely portrayed as attractive, quiet and calm. This leaves watchers with a sour taste in their mouths, and unfortunately black women are constantly labelled as such and stereotyped as such.

( I will probably discuss this in more detail in the future).

Life is too short to judge people, in turn we need to learn how to think about our words carefully, because words are so powerful, they have the impact to define a persons character.

Lets do better, and be kinder, please.


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