Being alone.


So today is Valentine’s day…

A day created by the man to generate more money.

The rare few actually enjoy valentines day.
There’s the stress of what to buy your ‘partner’, where to go, what to do, what to eat.

For some, this can be stressful.

Especially for the man.

Just saying.

There’s a discussion on twitter, with thoughts that valentines was created just for women. Which I feel is kind of true.
On Valentine’s day, the main colours are red and pink. As humans we perceive those colours to be feminine. right

When entering the store to buy your ‘partner’ a gift most items are targeted towards females. Honestly, the day gives me a headache.

Valentine’s day just highlights the fact that us sad old singles are alone… or are we?

If you don’t have a hold of your emotions well the day can make you feel horrible and it feels like you’re just literally waiting for the day to end.

Right now though. At this very moment. I know that I’m not on my own.

I have a family who loves me, a roof over my head. I know some are not religious but I believe that God loves me too.

Not everyone finds love on valentines day, just be happy that you’re alone and don’t have to worry about the stress that valentines sometimes brings.

So to conclude I’m just happy to be alone.

Valentine’s day is not a day of sadness but rather a day to show love to those around me.

So I just want to wish a Happy Valentines day to all my loves

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