Why I think social media is the root of all evils

This topic has been spoken and written about numerous times, so this is nothing new.

We all understand by now that social media tends to only show the happy times, not many on social media know-how to share the hard times, because often at times this can be looked down upon.

Very few will show the times when they have been homeless and starving, or when a family member has passed away. Those that do share this part of their lives are seen as being disingenuous, narcissistic and even attention-seeking.

In my own opinion, these people that share the hard times should be applauded because it’s not an easy thing to do. By sharing the hard times, this creates awareness about certain issues, that about 10 years ago were hidden behind closed doors (because the internet was not as popular as it was back then, as it is today).

As an adult, most will know that life is not easy, when we see people going through hard times this can be painful to view as this may reinforce how we may be feeling on the inside.

People that view social media as being real can use social media as a form of escapism, we tend to look to those who are successful with loads of money as something to work towards. This may cause us to reflect on our own lives and if we’re not achieving the same standard we can feel worthless.

Those that look like they are doing well set unrealistic standards because From the outside they always seem to be happy and always seem to be doing well for themselves. In reality, they maybe are suffering from some form of mental illness, such as depression. People will show you what they want you to see, we just need to realise that social media doesn’t represent what is happening in the real world.

Also, everybody’s timeline in this life is not the same. Everybody is on a journey and when we see that Sue has now become a millionaire overnight, we start to look for solutions to achieve the same sort of status.

With depression, social anxiety and many other forms of mental illness on the rise, can we say that social media can be one of the major factors to blame?

I say yes.

Social media is free and accessible to everyone in the western world, verbal abuse is on the rise because of the internets mutliverse, trolls tend to hide behind their computers, using their computers as a shield to hide behind and write whatever they want. Whereas I don’t believe social media gives you that entitlement to throw backhanded compliments and to just be plain rude, it’s unnecessary and uncalled for.

Over the last decade, social media has grown even further with sites such as Instagram, Snapchat and a new one called TikTok launched since 2010, communication now is so much more accessible and caters to people from all different ages and backgrounds.

Print media such as newspapers and magazines seem to be in decline and social media increasing, we now receive news at a more rapid pace.

Let’s discuss coronavirus or formally known as COVID-19. This is an infectious disease that can cause auto-immune deficiencies and may result in death. This is a serious issue.

What social media has now generated and heightened fear in the world, with constant, daily news about coronavirus. I’m not discrediting the seriousness of this disease, because people across the world are dying but what I’m explaining is that because social media is accessible to nearly everyone across the world, there seems to be more fear that everyone will contract this virus and die.

Just look at this:

The impact of social media.

And this:

The media likes to tell us that people are dying, there’s barely any news of the people that are recovering. Although with the news that people are dying this is disheartening, but let’s try to focus on positives too.

The media likes to focus mainly on the negatives, rather than focus on the positive. Just watch the news, read a newspaper. The media loves to spread negativity, that is what it’s known for.

What this image shows is that COVID-19 is spreading at a slower rate, but because of the media we’re more aware of what is going on the world and that is where the fear stems from.

Social media has generated mass hysteria and could be spreading an epidemic.

Just think about that.

There are so many more reasons as to why I know that social media is the root of all evils but honestly I could be here all day.

From everything that is happening in the world, let’s be sensible and be safe.

Praying for this world.

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