All about Moi

I’m a daydreamer…

Hello, and welcome to my page!

My name is Osayamen, but you can call me Osay. I was born in Nigeria and lived there till I was two. I then moved to Wales with my family, where I stayed till the age of twenty-five where I decided to embark on a career in London, as they say, It’s the city with a lot of oppurtunities, and people weren’t wrong.

Now I enjoy creating makeup tutorials on my instagram, and discussing my skincare routine with whomever has the ear to listen. Writing has always been a passion on mine, so I decided to combine the two.

Here on this page I’ll be sharing my love of makeup and skincare with occassion descriptions of what I’m going through in life.


If you’re interested in collabing or have any quiries drop me a message at :

These days I can be seen creating content, such as makeup tutorials for Instagram and maybe sometimes on my youtube channel.